Lochnerath is the northern kingdom on the peninsula of Batavia.  A century ago, it was part of the nation Bataviar, a unified kingdom covering the entire peninsula.  Following the War of Division, Lochnerath split from its southern neighbor, the nation of Carmalan.  They fought a short war, and today there is little contact of any nature between the two.


Lochnerath is bounded by ocean to the west.  A mountain range covers the northeast and eastern frontier, with the Deep Marshes and Coast Marshes beyond the mountains.  Beyond the Coast Marshes on the east is the other shore of the peninsula.  To the northwest is a vast desert, formerly part of the human kingdom of Drum Boorda.  The land was conquered by the Dragonborn empire of Medaara, and now lies mainly abandoned.  To the south are Dwarven mountains, Elven forests, and a causeway of plains and rolling hills that connects Lochnerath to Carmalan.  This causeway once held the capital city of Elmara, but has been abandoned by both Lochnerath and Carmalan since their civil war.


Lochnerath is generally an urban commerce based society.  Magic is a major part of everyday life, and most commoners own one or two mundane magical items.  Although the king serves as the head of government, the real power lies with the four magical guilds.  These four guilds exist in an uneasy balance of power with each other, and seek to elevate themselves of each other.  Most citizens are not aligned with any one guild, but it's a necessity if you want to practice any form of magic in Lochnerath.

Cities and Locations

Lochnerath has a number of large cities, in which almost 50% of the population resides.

Shagaran is the capital, and the location of Lochnerath's largest and busiest port.  Ships come and go from the rest of Tuleca frequently, although notably absent are any ships from Carmalan.  The king's throne is situated here, as well as the Guild of Fine Magiks, arguably the most powerful of the four magical guilds in Lochnerath.

Leuthir is the next largest city, but has noticibly more riches flowing through the streets on a daily basis.  Nearby rare metals mining operations in the desert, and highways to two very busy ports means that travelers are constantly moving through the city.  Two magic guilds are headquartered in Leuthir.  The School of Red Roaches is often regarded as the most vicious of the four guids.  Acolytes are not above some petty extortion to line their pockets.  In recent years, The Wands and Staffs Guild has attempted spreading to other nations in the north.  This is being met with only limited success, as most other nations have their own strong arcane traditions and organizations.

Kindorneth is the last of Lochnerath's great metropolises.  Seated in the midst of Lochnerath's only good farmland, the city is essential for the survival of the other two.  It has highway connections to almost every other population center in the country, and grain shipments travel down these roads daily.  The Lochnerath Union of Mages operates in the city.  It's dominance over the grain trade is too threatening for the others guilds to ignore, and it frequently finds itself provoked despite its best efforts to avoid the squabbling of the other three guilds.

Galmuth is a fishing town in the north of the country, that has seen a population boom since the dissolution of Bataviar.  Although possessing little trade in comparison to other population centers in Lochnerath, the community is notable its machinery build to harness the power of the strong river running through the town.  Watermills operate forges, textilemills, and all manner of workshops.

Like Carmalan, Lochnerath is lined with a number of Forts to protect against possible invaders.  Ft Goleer sits on the northern border, in the only swamp to extend past the mountains.  Its purpose, and the purpose of Ft Arburgath to the south east is to prevent large groups of gobloids, orcs, gnolls, or lizardmen from the Marshes from raiding the countryside.  Additionally, Ft Trysnal sits at the entrance to the causeway to Carmalan.  Although it is less populated now, it was once a bristling center of military might.


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