Carmalan is the southern kingdom on the peninsula of Batavia.  A century ago, it was part of the nation Bataviar, a unified kingdom covering the entire peninsula.  Following the War of Division, Carmalan split from its northern neighbor, the nation of Lochnerath.  They fought a short war, and today there is little contact of any nature between the two.



Carmalan is surrounded by oceans on three sides, to the west, south, and east.  To the northwest is an Elven forest, to the northeast are Dwarven mountains, and directly to the north is a causeway of plains and hills that leads through the Elmara region and to Lochnerath.  The causeway has been abandoned for almost a century, a result of Bataviar's civil war and split into the two rival kingdoms of today.


For many centuries, the citizens of Carmalan have prospered with their rich land and remarkably productive work ethic.  Most of the population lives in small rural settlements across the nation.  Although each small town has less resources avaliable than a larger city might, the people have civic pride instilled in them from a young age, and there is rarely any notable squalor in Carmalan.  The king rarely takes a major role in day to day life, instead focusing mainly on defense and ceremonial duties.  The priesthood in Carmalan is integrated somewhat into government, as local priests tend to arbitrate disputes, and organize construction of infrastructure.  Although many faiths are represented, Pelor, Erathis, and Bahamut are the primary focuses of worship.  In communities with multiple churches, priests often work collaboratively.  In cases of disagreement, the priest who leads more worshippers in the community often gets their way.

Cities and Locations


After the downfall of Elmara, Belathan became the largest city in Batavia.  Even so, it is the only major metropolis in Carmalan.  As the nation's capital and only large city, many organizations are centered here.  The king and other members of government all reside here, as does the highest members of Carmalan's various churches.  The priests of Pelor, Erathis, and Bahamut have formed an multi-order organization called the Alliance of Faith, which is headquartered here.  Most of the smaller communities around the country don't have many specialized specialized merchants, making Belathane the only destination for the more powerful items and gear.

Port Bel 

Port Bel is a small community, serving as the main port for the inland city of Belathane.  The docks are busy, as well as the highways to and from the city.  Although restaurant and taverns do well catering to sailors, there is relatively little trade of other sorts in the town.  Most traders spend little time in the city, preferring to continue on to Belathane, only a days distance away by foot.  The highway is heavily policed, and bandits are rare between Belathane and Port Bel.


Neth is the other major port in Carmalan.  The waters around the town are shallow, encouraging growth of vast schools of fish.  As a result, fishing is and shipping are the major industries in the area.  Neth is the second largest city in Carmalan, but is dwarfed by settlements in Lochnerath.


To the north of Falmuth lies vast flatlands of rich fertile soil.  Stretching all the way to the Elven forest, this area generates significant amounts of food.  This is in some ways a second headquarters for many faiths of Carmalan.  This status, its position on major trade routes, and a number of closeby halfling camps means the city is fairly diverse in races.  It is one of the few places in Carmalan where more than a dozen elves still reside.  It also gets fair amounts of visitors from closeby farmlands looking for a "big city" experience without traveling to Belathane.


Turnbuck is a small out of the way settlement situated at the fork in a major river running down from the Dwarven mountains.  In past years, it used to be a stop over point for cargoes traveling down the river to Belathane, but barge traffic has almost disappeared since the War of Division and subsequent dwarven withdrawl into their mountains.









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Carmalan Wetlands


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