Batavia is an isolated peninsula near the south of Tuleca.  Rough mountains to the north, and desert to the northwest cut off Batavia from the rest of the continent.  Foot travel can proceed through the swamps to the north east, but the risk of attack by monstrous humanoids generally prevents this.  Most trade, travel, and communication generally is sea based, and the north of the peninsula has several developed ports as a result.

For much of its history, the peninsula was a united one.  The country of Bataviar included the human lands to the north and south, as well as major Elven and Dwarven communities.

The peninsula has withstood a number of invasions from the north.  The human nation of Drum Boorda attempted invasions in 533, 779, and 822.  The final invasion proved marginally succesful, but was ultimately repulsed by unified forces of the peninsula.  The invasions were brought to an end when Drum Boorda was occupied and conquered by Medaara, a neighboring empire.

During the War of Division, the human lands split into northern and southern kingdoms.  Lochnorath in the north has developed an urban commerce based economy, whereas Carmalan in the south is based on rural agriculture.


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